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Building for Kairos Mission School


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Since 2009, the Kairos Mission School courses has taken place in several locations: Bucharest, Suceava, Ploiesti and even Scotland. Due to the fact that we did not have an adequate space, the students were accommodated in families, and the courses in Romania took place in church buildings or some of the homes of the lecturers.

This year we are relaunching the school and believe that we can take a step forward in the development of this project. To do this we feel that a building space for the school is important. With the help of God, we want to acquire a building which is suitable for the school, offices, space for conferences and housing for missionaries back on sabbatical. We believe we have found such a building located just outside the city of Suceava ( The location is new and fully equipped, with accommodation for approx. 20 people and families, classroom, kitchen and dining room.

Also, offices for the Kairos Agency will be set up on the premises . We wish that during the holiday period the building would be used both for the missionaries that will be in the country and need a resting place, as well as for events that aim to promote the cross-cultural mission.

The price is €250,000 (of which €162,422 is already available). Pray that this project would be completed!

For donations you can use one of the Kairos Association’s bank accounts:

RON: RO35BRDE340SV25437653400
EUR: RO31BRDE340SV25437733400

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Invest in the school that prepares ministers for the mission field!