Get Involved

Our little is much when we put it in the Lord’s service!

God does not save us that we would just become ordinary members in a church. He saves us for a high purpose: that we would live for the praise of His glory! Christ has called us to know Him and to tell His wondrous works to the people that have never heared about God!

Our message in the times we live in (times of hate and conflict) is that God is a good God, who doesn’t discriminate people for their race or their skin color, He loves all of them, no matter their social status. Whether they are black or white, whether they are coming from a poor or a rich country, they have the same condition in His eyes: they are all sinners in need of the redemptive work of Christ.

God gives us mission engagement opportunities, but He wants us to be available: available to pray, to give, and to go and preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Say yes to God’s call of taking the Message of the Gospel to the ends of the earth!