Short-term mission

3 weeks

Is for those who want to minister in a different cultural context and who want to experience the work of a transcultural mission, a minimum training is required: The Kairos course and a specific orientation for the country in which it will minister.

3 months

Is for those who have received a special call for the transcultural mission from God and have decided to dedicate themselves to the expansion of the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth. In order to enroll, the candidate must have attended the Kairos course, he should take part on a short 3-week trip and to have benefited from a specific orientation for the country in which he is to serve.

Long-term mission

1-2 years

Is for those who want to dedicate themselves to the mission work and who want to know better the culture and language of the community in which they serve. This way, the candidate has the opportunity to establish closer relationships with the people, to share the gospel and even to plant a church in that place. In order to enroll, the candidate must have graduated from the Kairos Mission School and participated in a short-term trip.

Over 2 years

Is for those who choose mission life with everything that involves it. Is for those who want to make a career mission, who have graduated from the Kairos Mission School and have taken part in a short-term trip. It is required a specialization in a particular area or a certain qualification, especially for those interested to work in countries where missionaries are not officially accepted.

Specific engagement opportunities

Short-term trips in 2018

  • Period: March;
  • Purpose:  Establishment and consolidation of friendly relations with the inhabitants of the villages ashaninka for the purpose of planting churches;
  • Activity: Visiting the tribe and developing education and health projects.
  • Period: April – May;
  • Purpose: Finalization of the Mission Center in Ulziit;
  • Activity: Sanitary installations, interior finishes, court arrangement.
  • Period: July – August;
  • Purpose: Evangelical English camps;
  • Activity: English courses, biblical lessons for children and youth, sports activities.
  • Period: July – August;
  • Purpose: Encouraging the family of Ibrahim and Miriam;
  • Activity: Providing a helping hand in local works where Ibrahim and Miriam are involved.
  • Period: July – September;
  • Purpose: Evangelism day camps for children;
  • Activity: Literacy, personal hygiene skills training, biblical lessons for children and recreational activities.
  • Period: October – November;
  • Purpose: Evangelizing and encouraging the churches of Jalpaiguri and its surroundings;
  • Activity: Personal and public evangelism, work with children and organization of conferences for young people.
  • Period: December – January;
  • Purpose: Building a mission house, as a shelter for the children in Olteanu family’s care;
  • Activity: Construction.
  • Period: December– January;
  • Purpose:  Evangelism and encouragement of churches;
  • Activity: Preaching, working with children, offering medical help.
  • Period: January – February;
  • Purpose: Building a mission house as a shelter for the children in the Pin Oo Lwin church care;
  • Activity: Construction.

Long-term mission

If you speak French and / or English, if you have little experience in primary or pre-school education and want a transcultural and transformational experience, the Maradi Christian School is a good opportunity to invest your talents (even in the preparation of teaching materials only). Also, the SSCS agricultural project receives all sorts of trainees: agronomists, cultivators, engineers, mechanics, builders, accountants, managers or simple laborers, whoever wants to invest his time and qualities. An intern who spent a year here without having a specific qualification said when he left: “During my time here, I learned many lessons and I grew more spiritually and professionally.”