When we pray, God is at work!

The vision of the Kairos Agency is to have such groups in each Brethren Church in the country. Through prayer, even if we can not go to the mission field, we can have a key role in God’s work among people unreached for Christ. The purpose of prayer groups is to intercede before God for the Romanian missionaries and for the work they carry, but also for the Christians all over the world who suffer persecution or pass through difficulties.

If you want a prayer group for missionaries in your church or to organize a mission conference in your area, the Kairos Agency can help you. Contact us by email at [email protected].

You can find more by reading Prayer for missionaries and How should we pray for missionaries.

Pray efficiently for the missionaries!

If you find out in time about the spiritual needs of the missionaries, about the problems, the trials, and the opposition they face in proclaiming the gospel, about the emergency situations they encounter on the mission field, you can also contribute effectively to their spiritual and moral support. Find out in time! Sign up for the newsletter!