Kairos Course

More than an academic course: an experience!

The Kairos course is intended for young people, adults, but also elderly people who want to deepen their knowledge of God and His plan for this humanity. The course is a  new source of knowledge, and it plays an important role in deepening the understanding of the personal mission of every believer who wishes to be active in Christian life and to play a role in the overall plan for the salvation of God.

Through the Kairos course, many believers have so far been inspired, motivated, and challenged to personally live the Scripture and to fulfill the Mission entrusted by God to those who followed Him.

Kairos  gives answers to questions like:

  • What is the stage of evangelizing the world?
  • What does a truly biblical church look like?
  • What is a church planting movement?
  • How can we carry the Gospel of the least Evangelized peoples?
  • What does a people’s culture mean?
  • How can we stand up to the cultural challenges?
  • What is my role and my church role in the redemptive plan of God?
  • What can we learn from the lessons of history and especially from the history of Europe?

The course of Kairos is an interactive one, every session containing worship, prayer for specific nations, multimedia presentations, small group discussions, practical applications and personal meditation time.

The ways that Kairos courses is developed is different, the sessions being held on a daily basis (5 days), weekly (3 weekends), modular (9 shorter sessions depending on the availability of the participants).

There are several regional teams in Romania that can bring the Kairos course to any church, any group willing and longing to attend a mission.

The Kairos Course Manual emphasizes:

  •  The biblical base of the mission;
  •  Mission history;
  •  Strategy to fulfill the Great Commission;
  •  Cultural considerations.

The Kairos course includes:

  •  Worship and devotional messages;
  •  Prayer for non-evangelistic ethnic groups;
  •  Video presentations;
  •  PowerPoint presentations;
  •  Sheets for work;
  •  Discussions on small groups;
  •  Practical application.

More details about the course you can find on the website: http://www.cursulkairos.ro/

The cost of the course is 35 RON (the cost of the manual and other materials).

For sign-ups or other information, please contact:


Adrian Bratosin

0741 272 063

[email protected]


Daniel Bordea

0746 999 301

[email protected]


Ștefan Handra

0746 040 048

[email protected]


Bogdan Todea

0745 200 164

[email protected]


Andrei Gherman

0748 196 827

[email protected]


Valentin Hrihorciuc

0744 754 457

[email protected]

Listen to the Lord’s call – prepare for the transcultural mission!