Kairos Mission School

Are you ready to respond to His call?

The Kairos Missionary Training School provides both theoretical and practical training for candidates for trans-cultural missionary work. It offers them a suitable place to grow spiritually and acquire the knowledge needed for trans-cultural missionary work and provides an environment in which students can have an opportunity to experience missionary life and all this involves.

The Training School equips and trains people who have received a special call from God for trans-cultural mission and have decided to dedicate themselves to spreading the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth.

Studying at the Kairos Missionary Training School will further your understanding of the Word of God and His heart for the peoples of the world. The Kairos Missionary Training School will help you to develop your abilities so that you can serve creatively in the place to which God has called you – in Romania or in any ethnic group on the face of the earth.

Sign up today for cross-cultural mission school! Study along other devoted young people, in a community full of passion to expand The Kingdom of God! We have been blessed in order to be a blessing to the ends of the earth!

1. For students to receive, within the space of a year, the theoretical and practical training they need in order to carry out missionary work effectively. In particular, for students to be equipped to share the love of Christ within a different culture;

2. For students to be equipped and trained for specific tasks in the local church and on the mission field;

3. For them to gain experience of teamwork, service, evangelism, the making of disciples and church-planting in the context of short-term missions;

4. For them to develop communicative and relational skills.

IThe Kairos Course
Spiritual identity
The missionary call and preparation for mission
Strategic principles of missions history
Learning a foreign language
Cross-cultural communication and accomodation
IIWisdom and poetry
Spiritual training
Chronological presentation of the Bible
The spiritual life of the missionary
Relationships (social state, family, church, sponsors, team, agency, locals, solving conflicts, etc.)
Evangelism (urban/rural, man-to-man/on the street, in open/closed context, strategies, methods, etc.)
Church planting and growth
IIIIntroduction to cross-cultural mission
Cross-cultural communication
Christian counselling
The missionary with a secular job (Tents makers)
Finance – Gathering support
TIC abilities and media
First aid
Security on the mission field
IVThe world of religions
False cults
VPractice I – Evanghelism
Practice II – in your own culture
Practice III – in another culture
  • Street evangelism and man-to-man evangelism;
  • Discipleship;
  • Preaching in local churches;
  • Serving in needy churches;
  • Working with young people, adolescents and children;
  • Social projects on the mission field;
  • Visits to hospices, hospitals and prisons;
  • Working among ethnic minorities.

October – December Introduction to cross-cultural mission, evangelism, and spiritual identity;

January – March | Courses at Tilsley College, Scotland);

April – June | Practical aspects of cross-cultural mission and of world religions;

Short-term practice in Romania and abroad;

Middle-term practice along a Kairos missionary in countries such as Peru, Niger, India or Mongolia.

School tax: 300 EUROS.

The tax will be paid 50% during October, and the rest will be paid until March 2019.

Students can benefit from scholarships.

Accepting sign-ups until the 10th of September 2018.

Interview will take place on September 21.

School year begins: October 8 2018.

For more details, contact us on:

In order to sign up for Kairos Mission School, please these steps:

  1. Download the Church Recommendation Form
  2. The elder or the pastor of the church you are attending must fill the form for you,
  3. Complete the Registration Form, there you must upload the church recommendation formed filled by the elder or pastor of the church you belong to.

Choose to serve the Lord today! Be available to His call!