Building a brick factory

  • Details: The purpose of this project is to generate a constant source of income for the local church in Pyin Oo Lwin and for missionaries working in Myanmar. Besides this, all long-term missionaries in Myanmar are required to obtain a business visa. By building this factory, with the name of Myanmar Kairos Company, missionaries can be legally invited to the country as a company consultant, thus having a legal reason to live there.
  • Needs: Financial support to accomplish the project.
  • Responsible: Alex Svijic
  • Bank account: Alex Svijic – Myanmar Kairos Company, Myanmar

Specification: “For the brick factory”

RON: RO83 RZBR 0000 0600 1666 9416

Cod BIC/SWIFT Raiffeisen Bank: RZBRROBU

Raiffeisen Bank S.A., 14, Calea Unirii, Craiova

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