Building a missionary base


This construction project was born out of the need to do something for the people of the Ashaninka tribe and for the locals from Atalaya area.

  • Details: The Peruvian mission agency Sedagores, with whom the Acatrine family works, wants to mobilize as many people as possible to get involved in the villages around Atalaya. This way, it began in August 2017 the construction of the first two houses (duplex) of the future Mission Base,  houses which will host participants in the transcultural training that will be offered for a period of 3 months, this includes theoretical and practical part. Depending on the available financial resources, it will continue to develop the idea of the Mission Basis, building other houses and spaces to fulfill the objectives. There has already been found a family of native workers who will live in this base and care for the maintenance. It doesn’t exist a deadline, everything will depend on the financial resources which the brothers will dispose of.
  • Needs: Financial and material resources for the development of this project
  • Responsible: Acatrinei Family: Liviu and Amalia
  • Bank account: Acatrinei Family

Specification: “For Building a Missionary Base”

RON: RO78BRDE240SV68334902400
USD: RO46BRDE240SV75299172400
EUR: RO22BRDE240SV87247142400
BRD, Dimitrie Mangeron Agency, 55, Şos. Naţională, Iaşi

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