Buying christian literature

  • Details: Purchase of Christian literature (brochures, gospel message sheets), Bibles, and other materials necessary for the work of evangelism.

“We saw the hungry people after the Word, they were arguing with us when we finished all the books and they did not manage to take some. I haven’t seen any sheets or tract, to be thrown. On the bus when we offered them literature, people were immediately beginning to read their message, then put them in their pocket or purse with care. To all those who were asking for the Bible, we noted their address and phone number and kept in touch with them. The need for Christian literature for evangelism is real, and you can help by generating a generous donation so that the Word of God can reach as many people as possible.” Dan Fodor

For this project any donated amount is welcome!

  • Bank account: Kairos Agency

RON: RO35BRDE340SV25437653400
EUR: RO31BRDE340SV25437733400
Fiscal Identification Code (CIF): 23658278

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