Through the long-term missionaries that we support, we want to make our Lord Jesus Christ known to every people who now live in spiritual darkness and are on their way to death, to people who have never heard the Gospel. We were blessed to be a blessing to the ends of the earth.

Mission in Peru

Liviu and Amalia Acatrinei are members of Fourth Brethren Church, Iasi. In December 2007 they set out for Peru as missionaries. At present they are working with the Asheninka tribe in community development, evangelism, and church planting. Liviu and Amalia are the first missionary couple being supported by the Kairos Agency.

Zsolt Nagy is a member of Brethren Church of the Hungarian language in Crasna, Sălaj. During the period of 2009-2011, he studied for two years at a biblical school in Zalău, then, he graduated the Kairos transcultural mission school, in Suceava. In 2015 he travels in a short-term ministry, in Peru. In 2016 he fully dedicates himself to long-term ministry, with Acatrinei family, in the activity of planting churches in Ashaninka tribe, in the jungle of Peru. In June 2017 he got married to Abiculesei Estera from Pașcani.

Mission in India

Gabriela Ţepeş is a member of Speranţa Second Baptist Church,  from Braşov, and serves on the mission field alongside the Harul Church, Jalpaiguri, in the work with children and women.

Daniel and Saroja Olteanu work in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India. They are involved in the following projects: evangelism using films, giving out tracts in public places, visits to families, evangelism using posters with Bible verses, the translating and writing of tracts, tutoring local school children, tutoring children in the neighborhood, planting a church in Jalpaiguri.

Silvia Costache is a member of “Izbanda” church in Bucharest and became involved in mission in India since 2007. After multiple short-term trainings and mission trips, Silvia desires to share the gospel to the unreached tribes where is no knowledge of God.

The Rava, Benjamin and Gouri family, from India, have been working in church planting since 2009. They are financially supported by “Elim” Brethren Church in Dorohoi. Benjamin and Gouri do pioneering mission work in the Mainaguri in West Bengal, India. By the grace of God and with the help of a team of brothers and sisters from India, 8 churches have been planted so far.

Misiune în Niger
Rebeca Beaton (Ioan) is a member of the Brethren church in Ploiestiori, Prahova and works in Niger, among the Fulani, since 2010. Rebeca works in the Dakoro area teaching people how to read and write and preparing the leaders for the work among children.

Misiune în Mongolia
Samuel Șoldan is from Vama, Suceava and is a graduate of „Pacea” Bible School in Selimbar and also of the Kairos missions school. After a short-term mission in Mongolia, Samuel decided to return here and serve the Lord in the long term. He is married to Ana-Maria and has an enraged Mongolian child named Chinzo.

Emil and Alina Lețu are members of „Betania” Brethren Church – Focsani. This family participated in short-term missions in Mongolia a few years, in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, different members of the family went there, one at a time or together, and the got involved in different ways in the work there. Since August 2017, they are in Mongolia for long-term mission work.

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