The Kairos agency offers specialist books for those who are preparing to leave on the mission field or are already missionaries, as well as for those from the second line who want to support the transcultural mission.

Let Scripture Speak for Itself by Don Fleming. This book gives guidance and practical examples of how to explain a Bible passage without boring people with technical discussions and how to assimilate and pass on the Bible’s message faithfully and without introducing one’s own personal views. Let Scripture Speak is a fundamental training resource for those studying the Bible with a view to Christian service.

Handbook for the Sending Church – published by the Kairos Agency in collaboration with the Union of Brethren Churches. This handbook deals with subjects such as the Biblical basis for sending out missionaries, how to encourage a missionary vision within the local church, considerations regarding the sending of missionaries, the responsibilities of a local church towards its missionaries before they leave for the mission field, while they are there (emotional, financial and logistical support) and when they return home, etc. The handbook also contains two questionnaires, one for use by the elders of the church when interviewing missionary candidates and one for the candidate. The price of the handbook is 5 lei and it may be ordered by e-mail: [email protected]

Persecuted but not Forsaken – This guide is an encouragement to persevere in prayer and intercession for God’s people suffering persecution. In 2008 millions of Christians experienced persecution because of their faith in Christ. This prayer guide focuses on 50 countries in which persecution is harshest and lists them in order of the severity of persecution. Some believers face violence and death, while others are unjustly imprisoned and/or are not allowed to worship or to share their faith with others. They are discriminated against in the education system and when looking for work. All these facts should have the effect of encouraging us to pray and thus support our brothers and sisters in Christ. Persecuted Christians are strengthened when they know that they have not been forgotten and abandoned by the family of God. The prayer guide and its accompanying World Watch poster (if required) may be obtained free from the Kairos Missionary Agency.

Faith around the Globe – This bulletin gives information about the transcultural mission. Its contents include newsletters from missionaries sent out by Brethren meetings, articles aimed at those interested in missions, at sending churches and at missionaries, news from the mission field, news about faith in different parts of the world, interviews with missionaries, mission reports, statistics, etc.

Thriving in another Culture, by Jo Anne Dennett, was published in 2009.

Honorably Wounded – Stress among Christian Workers, Marjory F. Foyle, was published in Romanian language in 2012.

The Kairos Calendar – Each year we publish a calendar containing pictures from the mission field and quotations on the theme of trans-cultural mission. All these materials can be ordered by email at [email protected] or by phone 0744 754 457 or 0763 663 605.

Too Hard for God?, Charles R. Marsh – published in 2013.

The orders remain the same! (Ten Messages about the Mission) – Published by the Kairos Agency in 2017. Spring from the heart of missionaries, this collection of 10 mission sermons addresses church leaders, youth and children workers, brothers, and sisters in evangelical churches who have hearts for the transcultural mission. This book helps us to understand what Scripture says about the expansion of the kingdom of God to the ends of the earth, and what is God’s calling for all of us. Unique on the Christian literature market in Romania, the book Orders remain the same has the purpose, to inform, motivate and prepare the Evangelical Churches in Romania for the fulfillment of the Great Commission! The book also includes answers to frequently asked questions received during mission conferences organized over the last decade.

Culture and Language Acquisition – will be published soon.

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