Rehabilitation of alcoholics


  • A World Health Organization report shows that abuse of alcoholic drink seems to be the biggest impediment to Mongolia’s social and economic progress. 22% of Mongolian men and 5% of women are alcohol addicts, a rate 3 times higher than in Europe. Domestic violence and the rise in homelessness are the most worrying consequences.
  • Although engagement in this field is considered by many to be a struggle for a lost cause, as a church we want to do something about this. From the very beginning, I had a man with whom I worked more closely and he was enslaved in this passion. The decision to help him has brought a lot of headaches, invested time and money, but we believe that any effort will be rewarded.
  • We want to help as many people as possible, but the rehabilitation of such a person entails high financial costs. Most of them have the skills and possibilities to work after a while, but at first, until they find a job, they need financial help.
  • Needs: Here are some of the expenses that such a job involves over a month:
    1. Food and housing – 100 €
    2. Medicines + medical assistance – 50 €
    3. Dealcoholisation course – 50 € (150 € is the cost of a course lasting 3 months and includes regular counseling sessions with specialists where people are mentally trained to overcome the temptation to resume alcohol.)
  • Bank account: Sami and Ani Şoldan

RON: RO98BRDE340SV4027 5453 400
EURO: RO94BRDE340SV4027 5533 400


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