Taking care of helpless children


  • Details: The project is in full swing. The goal is to help children from disadvantaged families to develop in education and knowledge of God. The place where the project is carried out is the home of the missionary brothers, in which more than 20 children are catered for, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Needs: Household appliances that would greatly ease the work of the missionary brothers for these children. There is also a need for educational facilities, including educational games for children. All this can only be achieved if missionary brothers have the necessary financial resources.
  • Bank account: Kairos Association

Specification: “For child care, India”

RON: RO35BRDE340SV25437653400
EUR: RO31BRDE340SV25437733400
BRD Bank, Suceava

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