The rent for an assembly place

  • Needs:

Maynaguri – brothers, and sisters are gathering together wherever they can and they have fellowship in a brother’s house, Sunday school meeting is in different places (in schools or in halls where they are welcomed). Cost: 35 – 50 Euro / month (2200 – 3000 Rs per month)

Talma – there is a rented house for the assembly. Here are living two brothers who moved here to help the work: Peter and Ramprashat. Cost: 40 Euro / month (2500Rs / month).

Barohati – there is a rented house for assembly, our missionary brothers brought some children from needy families here and sisters Selina, Hema, and Salome, take care of them: they are nourished, dressed and educated. Brother Daniel Eka deals with the spiritual work here. The cost of rent per month is 35 Euro (2200 Rs).

Jalpaiguri – Jalpaiguri – here are 2 rented houses: the house where the missionary brothers live, where many people and children find a shelter and a good meal, and another house where the other kids live and they are cared by the missionary brothers.

  • Bank account: Kairos Asociation

Specification: “For renting a house India”

RON: RO35BRDE340SV25437653400
EUR: RO31BRDE340SV25437733400
Fiscal Identification Code (CIF): 23658278

BRD Bank, Suceava branch.


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