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Do you want to know more about the cross-cultural mission? Do you want to understand God’s call for your life? Listen to messages of experienced brothers from the Kairos Agency and to interviews with brothers serving in the first line, on the mission field!

Dorind o viață normală – Familia Lețu

Grijă de orfani – Familia Lețu

Mission Romania 2018 – Valentin Hrihorciuc

Kairos Mission School – Doru Lungu

First steps in service – Lețu family

Kairos Transcultural Mission School – Teodor Popa

Building for Kairos Mission School – Valentin Hrihorciuc

Kairos School instructs missionaries! – Valentin Hrihorciuc

What you learn at Kairos Mission School? – Andrew Worsop

Why Kairos Mission School? – Daniel Cristinescu

Walter Wetzel – The Light of the Gospel in PNG

Kairos Agency – Prayer for brethren in Papua New Guinea

Ruben Dubei – About the translation of the Bible

Valentin Hrihorciuc – Kairos Agency’s history

Simon Marshall –  The Mission Heart of God

Cornel Haureș – Missionary work is team work!

Dan Mitrea – What do we do with what we have received?

Kairos Agency – 2% for Mission

LIVE | About Mission – Valentin Hrihorciuc

Virgil Achihai – The Brethren and Mission

Teododor Popa – How could I find out God’s will?

Construction of a Missionary Base in Atalaya, Peru

Valentin Hrihorciuc – Kairos Agency’s beginning

Kairos Agency – How can we support the missionaries?

Kairos Agency – Now is the right time for Romania

Teodor Popa – Testimony

Taciuc Family, Papua New Guinea – 2018

Valentin Hrihorciuc – Why short-term mission?

Peter Giger – How to prepare for the missionary service?

Valentin Hrihorciuc – Opportunities of engaging in mission

Valentin Hrihorciuc – The qualifications of a missionary

Teodor Popa -The mission call

Message: Valentin Hrihorciuc – Orders remain unchanged

Message: Dan Fodor – Call to Mission

Kairos Agency – What are the challenges of the missionary service?

The need for missionaries in Oltenia

Mission mobilization in Mongolia – Lețu Family

Mission mobilization in Peru, 2017 – Acatrinei Family

Kairos Cross-cultural Mission School

Did you know that…?


The Kairos Course

The Kairos Course

Now is the time – Spot Kairos

Kairos – The Missionary Agenda – Emanuel Beşleagă – RVE Suceava

Kairos – The Missionary Agenda 2 – Emanuel Beşleagă – RVE Suceava

Samuel Șoldan – Construction project Mongolia

Interview with Alex Svijic

Interview with Samuel Șoldan 1 – Roxana Popovici

Interview with Samuel Șoldan 2 – Roxana Popovici


The muslims in India

God gives us mission engagement opportunities, but He wants us to be available. Be available to God’s call!