Written Testimonies

Ana-Maria Şoldan (Bălăceanu)

Missionary in Mongolia

It was in many ways a crossroads for me and I saw how God worked first of all at my heart, how He rearranged my values system, showed me my limits, while discovering new dimensions of His grace in my life, and last but not least, opened my horizons to a deeper understanding of His Kingdom. I am very grateful to the Lord for giving me the opportunity to experiment in the context of the Mongolian mission and I am also very grateful to you for providing the opportunity for such trips through the Agency. In a more personal note, I said I was also surprised at the way in which the Lord has led things this year in my life, starting with my first travel to Myanmar in January – after which I learned a set of lessons that enriched and prepared me for what I was going to face that summer in Mongolia – having to repeat this experience in the long-term mission. To Him be the glory for the wonder of His works, and we thank Him for using your work in such a beautiful way! Dearfully and gratefully, Ana-Maria Şoldan (Bălăceanu).

Narcis Scarlatache

Mission trip in Mongolia, june - july 2014

There are many strong points and many pleasant and useful memories from this short term trip. First of all, once we decided to take part in this work, the first signs showing that the Enemy did not agree with this sowed and I had a whole night in which I felt his attack, as he tried to discourage me somehow. But the Lord’s Word was an encouragement for me, and so were my friends. I enjoyed a lot the team I was with (which the Lord has put together) and that, although we did not know each other and despite the differences between us, we were able to pull in the same direction. I was very happy about Sami Șoldan and how we found him there. We were happy about all the progress he had made in a short period of time, about the progress in learning the language and the contacts and relationships he could make among the people in Mongolia, and with other missionaries alike. I enjoyed a lot that opportunity to be involved in several activities: the children, adolescents, young people, students camps, and the opportunity to tell the Good News of God in those lands at the end of the world. We were happy to spend a lot of time talking with some of the teenagers and to know their problems (which are many, by the way) and to pray together, to give them practical advice from our experiences with the Lord. Another work was that when some Mongolian friends visited us and we were able to share our testimonies with them, how the Lord has found us. Another very interesting part for me was when I attended a missionary meeting, at an international conference and how I felt through the Spirit that those people that I had never seen in my life, were truly our brothers. We rejoiced with them in that place. But there were two things imprinted in my mind: the questions of some of the teenagers (who, at first glance, seemed uninterested in what was going on there, in the camp), and it sounded like this: “If somebody believed in the Lord Jesus, about whom you say He has the greatest power, why can’t he quit drinking alcohol? Jesus doesn’t have power? “,” What should we do when we want to pray to the Lord in the evening, and our parents quarrel and don’t let us pray? ” And the second would be that of the people who worship on the hills the altars dedicated to demons. These questions and this encountered behaviour show that Mongolia is a vast working field, and that there are thousands of people waiting to know the Lord! (Narcis Scarlatache)

Samuel Şoldan

Long-term missionary in Mongolia

… at the Kairos Mission School, my mind was informed, my heart was flamed, and my skills were developed. The theological study, the interaction with the missionaries, the involvement in short-term missions in Romania and abroad have combined into a complete experience through which God formed me for the work I am now involved in.

Rebeca Beaton (Ioan)

SIM - Kairos missionary, Niger

… The Kairos Mission School was a blessed place, where I could prepare for mission, through courses that I attended, but also through the relations with my colleagues and teachers, but mostly from the experienced missionaries. … I was able to experience a little of the mission challenges and especially what it means to be part of a team …

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