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How should we pray for transcultural missionaries?

Through prayer, you can have a key role in God’s work among people unearned for Christ.

Imagine what it is like to learn a language that has never been written. How would it be for you to try to understand the complexity of the details of a culture that is so different from yours?

Pray for missionaries to be persistent, alert and diligent.

Pray that their confidence in God should be unwavering, in order to overcome the many obstacles he encounters on the mission field.

Pray for a clear communication of the Gospel in the language of the people they went to and that they will communicate it in a culturally relevant manner.

Think about how is to live in the middle of an isolated tribe and always depending on your colleagues to buy the necessary living, any banking transaction or to pay your bills and solve a lot of other problems.

Praise the Lord for the missionaries who chose to deal with the logistics side, thus giving their fellows the opportunity to fully engage in planting churches in less accessible places.

Pray for teamwork and a sense of trust that each person has an important role in spreading the gospel.

How would you teach your children in the middle of another culture?

Pray for perseverance, patience, diligence, and the necessary requisites in the process of educating children in the home-schooling system.

Pray for the teachers who have devoted themselves to love and educate the missionary children of the mission schools.

Pray for the spiritual, intellectual and physical growth of the students for the glory of God.

Now, think about the people from tribes who need medical help. Imagine that your family needs care and help. How is it to miss the fellowship of the church of the home and the special relationship with friends and family?

How is it to feel the impact of the spiritual darkness that surrounds you?

Pray that missionaries will be able to make time for spiritual refreshment and physical relaxation. To choose which is the best of many good things because always there are many more needs than resources and skills to meet them.

Pray that no bitterness may grow among family members or among colleagues of missionaries.

Pray that they will always find joy in the Lord, no matter what the circumstances.

Pray for spiritual victory. For vision and wisdom to help people to know Christ as their Savior and to grow in maturity.

Pray regularly for the cross-cultural mission!

Thus you will experience the power of God and you will come to know God better. Fighting for lost souls and demanding spiritual power for those who work on the mission field, you will have an influence in the lives of men for all eternity!

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Adapted material
”How To Pray for Tribal Missions”
of the NTM organization

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